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Travel Gallery - Australia

This gallery represents images from our travels in Australia in 2002.

"The 12 Apostles" - Sunset at the spectacular natural attraction on the South Australian coastline . Close up view of the 12 Apostles on the South Australian coastline.
" Shipwreck" - The wreck of a freighter on Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island off the Queensland coast (2002). Windmills are a common sight in the Australian Outback as they are an important means of drawing water from artesian wells.
"The Devil's Marbles" - A natural feature in central Australia are the Devil's Marbles, huge rounded rocks that have been placed in piles by the forces of nature. "Uluru's face" - Uluru (Ayres Rock) is a place of mystic importance in the history of the Australian Aboriginal culture. It has also drawn many thousands of people from all over the world to this site in the centre of Australia.
"Kata Tjuta" - Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) are massive rock structures in the same region as Uluru. The central Australian countryside on the way to Uluru. A rock plateau is on the flat horizon like a distant ship at sea.
"Castaway in the Outback" - A vintage truck in its final resting place near the road from Tennant Creek to Mt. Isa in the Northwestern Queensland Outback. "Pioneer artifact" - A a fuel stop in central Australia a number of pieces of machinery from the early mining days of the region served as reminders of Australia's frontier past.
A fisherman wades out into a lake on the North New South Wales coast. "Havin' a beer Aussie style" - A quiet evening at the lake on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia (2002).
"Cat Down Under"- A catamaran returns to Port Douglas after an excursion to the Great Barrier Reef off Australia's Queensland coast.

"Murray River paddleboat" - A paddleboat, once the chief form of transport on the Murray River, now serves as a tourist attraction. The Murray River forms a border between New South Wales and South Australia.

"New South Wales panorama"- a pastoral scene on the coast of New South Wales, south of Sydney. "Farm classics" - A farm in Tasmania with a typical Australian farm house, windmill, wagon and less common classic car.


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