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BC Forest fires

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Operation Peregrine is the name of the Canadian Forces fire fighting efforts in British Columbia during the summer of 2003. During the fires many communities in the interior of the province were threatened and suffered severe damage. Over 2,600 soldiers, sailors and air force personnel fought the fires alongside their civilian counterparts from the BC Forest Service and local fire departments protecting British Columbians from this threat.

Title: Checking the Edge
7 Sep 2003, Kelowna, BC -- Corporal Moe Power, a Construction Engineer based at CFB Esquimalt, checks the cutting edge
of a specialized fire-fighting axe.


Title: Bravo Zulu (well done) Navy
17 Sep 2003. Kelowna, BC -- Members of the Op Peregrine naval contingent form up for their final address from the Task Force 2 Commander, LCol Denis Cyr.

Title: The First Cut is the Deepest
11 Sep 2003. Okanagan Falls, BC -- Tony Lalonde, a civilian tree faller working with military fire fighters in the Vaseaux Lake region cuts away at a burning tree trunk.


Title: Tools of the Trade
Okanagan Falls, BC -- The tools of the forest fire-fighting trade are stacked neatly together at the Task Force 4 OP Peregrine camp site in Okanagan Falls, BC.

Title: Dusty Walk Home
7 Sep 2003. Kelowna, BC -- Sailors from the naval contingent of fire-fighters sent to the Kelowna area from Maritime Forces Pacific walk back to their troop transports through the dust at the completion of a twelve hour shift on the fire front in the Myra Canyon fire zone.


Title: Talk Radio
11 Sep 2003. Okanagan Falls, BC -- Major Don Henley, the Officer Commanding the 4 Wing Detachment of fire fighters sent from CFB Cold Lake, AB to fight fires in BC confers on the radio during fire fighting operations in the Vaseux Lake region.
Title:Final Salute
17 Sep 2003. Kelowna, BC -- MWO Henry Schindel, the Task Force 2 Camp Company Sargeant Major, salutes as the Canadian flag is lowered as the final act in closing down the camp.

Title: Final Moments in the Wind
17 Sep 2003. Kelowna, BC --The Canadian flag flies for its last minutes at the Task Force 2 camp in Kelowna. The flag was lowered as the final act in closing the camp down as Op Peregrine forces re-deployed at the end of the operation.

Title: Goin' Home
17 Sep, 2003. The sentiments of the
the occupants of this tent are clear the
morning of the tear down of Camp
Kelowna located in the playing fields
near the Apple Bowl Stadium.
Title: The Final Word
17 Sep 2003. Kelowna, BC -- A sign put up by residents of Kelowna speaks to the general public feeling regarding the deployment of the Canadian Forces into their community during Op Peregrine.


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