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Canadian Aviation Artists' Association

History: The Canadian Aviation Artists' Association (CAAA) was established in 1996, in response to a recognized need by artists and enthusiasts interested in aviation art, to form a group to advance the quality and appreciation of this growing art form. Since that time, the group has grown into a mature organization with semi-independent regional groups spread across Canada. The CAAA includes the majority of working aviation artists in Canada. It also includes a number of museums, galleries, collectors, historians and aviation firms in its membership. Several of the foremost aviation artists in the United States and Britain are also CAAA members. In 2002 the CAAA was awarded the prestigous "Belt of Orion" award by Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame for services rendered to the cause of Canadian aviation history.

CAAA mission: To promote the advancement of aviation art in Canada.

Membership: Anyone subscribing to the CAAA mandate may join in one of three categories of membership:
  • Artist member - Those who have a serious interest in creating aviation art. This includes artists who work in a variety of mediums but principally painters.
  • Associate member - Individuals other than artists who have a strong interest in aviation art.
  • Institutional member - Includes organizations and/or their representatives such as galleries, museums,aerospace industry and aerospace organizationsm, both civil and government, with a strong interest in aviation art.

Annual membership dues: $50 (Cdn) - Artist members (slightly higher for international members). $35(Cdn) Associate/Institutional members. If you are interested in joining please contact the membership secretary Liane Connolly

Membership benefits:

  • Interaction with other aviation artists or enthusiasts.
  • National and regionally based activities including art exhibits, special events, meetings and aviation art oriented activities.
  • Subscription to Aerialviews the quarterly CAAA newsletter.
  • Opportunities for personal artistic advancement through participation in exhibits, critiques and the CAAA mentoring program.
  • Fellowship with artists who share your aviation interest.
National events: A national convention is held yearly for all CAAA members. In odd-numbered years this is held in Ottawa in conjunction with the Canada Aviation Museum's ARTFLIGHT juried international aviation art exhibition. In even numbered years the convention is held at different locations throughout Canada. The convention includes lectures and demonstrations by established artists in the field, formal critique sessions, tours of museums, aerospace facilities, airbases and other aviation venues. In addition, there is a juried aviation art exhibit open to the public and a members-only show that gives artists of all abilities an opportunity to display their work. If they wish members may also take advantage of the CAAA mentor program in order to develop their artistic skills. The 2004 CAAA national conference will take place in Calgary, Alberta.

Regional events: Regional groups organize regionally based exhibits, meetings, or "mini-conventions", and activities.

Public Relations: For media or public relations issues related to the CAAA contact me directly at: (250) 558-5503 or

For more information about the CAAA go to:CAAA

For CAAA PR information and guidance go to: CAAA PR

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