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BC Dragoons - The First Hundred Years




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"BC Dragoons - The First Hundred Years"


Description: Commissioned for the Change of Command of the British Columbia Dragoons Regiment based In Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton, B.C, this painting represents the almost one-hundred years of service that the Regiment has rendered to Canada.

The composition represents the various roles and equipment of the Regiment over its history. Included in the composition are unit badges of BC Dragoons associated units and significant events in the BCD's history. A relief map of the Okanagan in the background represents the Regiment's ties to the region as the Okanagan's own militia unit. Also included are road signs from two cities one - Tavullia - in Italy where the Regiment fought bitter battles in breaking the Gothic LIne. The other - Veendam - represents historic links to this Dutch town liberated by the Regiment in the campaign in Northwest Europe. The Vimy memorial in the background pays homage to the efforts of the 2 CMR's, a Regimental ancestor unit, during WWI. The figures in the central position in the composition are representations of a BCD Guidon Party with the addition of the soon to be authorized new BCD Guidon Party Bearer Belt.

The three figures to the right represent the participation of the BCDs in forest fire-fighting during Operation Peregrine in 2003. The soldier with the binoculars represents the new role for the Regiment as a light reconnaissance unit being equipped with the the Canadian Army's new G - Wagen vehicles. The Piper (MacGregor tartan) in the background recalls the link to the BCD associated VC winner, Colonel John MacGregor, who won a VC during WWI.

The painting's aviation content is fulfilled by the Mars water-bomber in the background depicted in a low-level water-drop on burning forest again in reference to the Regimental experiences in the fight against the forest fires that threatened Kelowna and other Okanagan Valley communities in 2003.

Medium: Water-based Oil on 18x24 stretched canvas (2005).

Display: This work was commissioned for presentation to the Regiment by the outgoing Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Denis Cyr at his Change of Cammand Parade on 26 November, 2005. Collection of BC Dragoons Regiment.

Note: Prints may be made of this painting in future. Copyright retained by the artist.


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